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25 - 27 October 2022 // Nuremberg, Germany

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Where to now for IT security? Trend barometer provides answers

Exhibitors at IT security expo it-sa, being held at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 8 to 10 October, were asked about current market developments by independent market research institute Gelszus. The following overview summarises the key insights and compares them against the results of previous surveys.

Detailed survey results are available at:

What are the reasons for investing in IT security?

  • In most cases, investment in IT security is a consequence of specific security incidents. This was the reason given by 61 percent of exhibitors, while only 39 percent said it was the result of a proactive approach by their customers. In turn, the key drivers behind the proactive build-up of security mechanisms are the introduction of an IT security strategy, IT security as part of a digitalisation strategy, and the desire to minimise liability risks.

Is more action still needed with regard to GDPR?

  • The EU General Data Protection Regulation has been applicable law since 25 May 2018. Exhibitors at it-sa still feel their customers need to do more about implementation: for example, 23 percent of medium-sized enterprises think there is a “very strong” need for action, 66 percent a “strong” need for action, and only 11 percent little need or no need at all.

What part does company size play?

  • Budgets for IT security investments have grown overall for the third time in a row. The main reason has been the growth in medium-sized companies, and more particularly in large companies (250 or more employees). Once again, however, it is clear that there has been no change in budget for the majority of small companies (fewer than 50 employees).
  • Less than half of SMEs have a dedicated management position for IT security, with the 50-percent mark being exceeded only in the case of large companies (56 percent).

Where do exhibitors at it-sa perceive most action is needed?

  • Because their customers give them access to their systems, the exhibitors at it-sa should know best: they perceive that most action is needed in the segments of healthcare, administration, industry, banking and finance, and among energy utilities.
  • At the same time, exhibitors at it-sa in these sectors also expect the greatest increase in demand in the future.
  • In comparison to the last survey, expected demand from the authorities has moved up three places, whereas the banking and financial sector has fallen.

Which sectors currently represent the greatest demand?

  • Healthcare is still at the top of the rankings for demand. Authorities and public administration of moved up from fourth to second place, followed by data centres, which were still in seventh place in 2018.
  • Energy utilities, and production and industry, which ranked second and third in 2018, are now in fourth and sixth place.

How is the IT security sector facing up to developments in the economic climate?

  • Although traditional economic indicators like the ifo business climate index suggest the economy is cooling, most exhibitors at it-sa take a positive view of their situation: 74 percent of those surveyed said the situation in their industry was developing positively, while only six percent expected it to weaken.

How are employee numbers in IT security trending?

  • The IT security sector is still a “job motor”: Three-quarters of the exhibitors said the number of employees in IT security had grown since the last it-sa. It is worth noting that there were no instances at all of jobs being cut.
  • Compared to the results of surveys in previous years, therefore, there is still a slight upward trend, building on what was already a very high level.

About it-sa

Some 750 companies are participating in it-sa 2019, the IT security show that attracts more exhibitors than any other worldwide, at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 8 to 10 October. They offer an extensive range of IT security products and services, including research and consulting. Decision-makers and IT security experts will find extensive information on the latest aspects of IT security at it-sa and the accompanying Congress@it-sa. Artificial intelligence, legal aspects of data protection and data security, and IT security for industry and production are among the key themes at this year’s event.

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