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25 - 27 October 2022 // Nuremberg, Germany

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Trend Barometer highlights status of IT security

Sectors like the healthcare industry have a need for action in IT security – and are also doing more than others to increase their investments in better protecting IT infrastructure. That was the conclusion of the “IT Security Trend Barometer” in advance of the it-sa exhibition that will be held at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre from 9 to 11 October 2018. Surveyed exhibitors saw the signs set for growth, as consistently high demand is boosting sales and creating additional jobs.

The survey’s most important results at a glance:

Healthcare industry is a growth driver

  • The surveyed it-sa exhibitors are currently seeing the greatest increase in demand from the healthcare industry. 84 per cent saw this sector as the leading growth driver, closely followed by energy utility companies, at 81 per cent, and industry and government, with 80 per cent each.
  • The current demand situation matches the sectors where exhibitors also see the greatest need for action in the matter of IT security. All of the above sectors rank among the Top 5 in this regard.

Positive effects from EU General Data Protection Regulation

  • The EU General Data Protection Regulation, which went into force in May, has led revenues for 2018 to grow: two-thirds of the surveyed IT security specialists expect a positive or very positive impact on their business.

IT security providers on track for success

  • More than three-quarters of the surveyed companies have increased sales since the last iteration of it-sa in October 2017. More than half of them have hired additional staff.

IT security incidents can cause months of downtime

  • After a security incident, it may take several months before the affected infrastructure returns to full functionality or data have been restored.
  • The surveyed exhibitors have been able to resolve four out of ten cases for their clients within the first three months; another four out of ten have needed up to six months. One out of every ten IT security events has taken up to a year to resolve. And a few events have affected companies and engaged IT security specialists for a year or more.

Larger companies more likely than small ones to increase spending on IT security

  • Budgets for IT security are growing. But the surveyed it-sa exhibitors have noted differences as a function of company size:
  • While 81 per cent of clients with more than 250 employees are spending more to protect their IT, the comparable figure for companies with 50 employees or less is only 38 per cent. Medium-sized companies fall in between, at 70 per cent.

Small and medium-sized companies often have no IT security concept

  • Large corporations as a rule operate with a systematic IT security concept. About three-quarters of businesses with more than 250 employees rely on some such plan.
  • But small and medium-sized companies often have to do without; only one-third of small firms and one-half of medium-sized companies have an IT security concept.

Responsibility for IT security is the main concern

  • Irrespective of company size, most businesses place control of IT security with company management. The surveyed exhibitors indicated that this was the case for 71 per cent of large companies, 62 per cent of medium-sized ones, and 55 per cent of small ones.

About the “IT Security Trend Barometer” exhibitor survey

The Gelszus independent market research institute was commissioned by NürnbergMesse to survey it-sa exhibitors online in April 2018 about trends and developments in the market for IT security solutions.

The detailed survey results can be found online at:

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