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Is data protection an obstacle for Big Data, IoT and AI?
Dr. Chistiane Bierekoven

Answer by Dr. Christiane Bierekoven, Certified Lawyer for Information Technology Law, Ebner Stolz Cologne, Board Davit

One year after the European General Data Protection Regulation, most companies have still not yet implemented all the points. Christiane Bierekoven, Doctor of Law specializing in IT law, names the most serious problems and illuminates the special challenges involved with the use of big data, IoT and AI.

  • Companies must keep exact documentation and provide information about how they use personal data. Documentation and information are especially difficult for big data and AI applications. Complete anonymization is the preferable means of ensuring that data are processed in compliance with data protection law.
  • In the case of big data analytics, IoT platforms and AI technical solutions such as privacy by design and privacy by default are becoming increasingly important as a means of ensuring that data are used in compliance with data protection law.

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